Discover the truth of different situations of client’s interest

Preventing juvenile deliquency, marital infidelity, pre-maritial investigation
Preventing juvenile delinquency
Private investigator is hired with the aim of finding out if youngest members of a family are endangered by juvenile delinquency, membership in religious sects, frequentation and contacts in criminal quarts. Many parents wants to know who is their child associating with, who are his/her friends, where do they go out, and who do they keep in touch with, to be informed on time and thus prevent negative outcomes.
Marital infidelity
If somebody suspects the chastity of the partner, regardless if it is a husband (wife) or boyfriend (girlfriend), a private detective hired to carry out an absolutely discrete and reliable investigation with the aim of discovering the truth.
Pre-martial investigation

requesting investigation regarding the potential future partner is an outcome of the new era and increased possibility of manipulations considering the greater role of internet in our lives. People get to know each other through social networks and often have an unrealistic picture of the partner.